saudi arabia visa for bangladesh 2023 – fees and all other matters

saudi arabia visa for Bangladesh has started issuing electronic visas (E-Visas) to Bangladeshi nationals in an effort to make travel easier and improve bilateral ties. This electronic replacement for paper visa applications streamlines the procedure and improves accessibility. Below we go into a step-by-step tutorial on securely protecting your Saudi Arabia E-Visa below.

saudi arabia visa for bangladesh 2023

Saudi Arabia requires Bangladeshi citizens to obtain a visa to visit the country. The visa application process for Saudi Arabia typically involves the following steps:

1. Initiate the Application on the Online Portal: To embark on the journey of obtaining a Saudi Arabia E-Visa, the initial step is to create an account on the official online application portal. This platform serves as the gateway to your E-Visa process. During account creation, your email verification is essential to proceed further.

2. Embark on the Online Application Process: With your verified email ID, the online application process can commence. First and foremost, you must fill out the visa application form, a pivotal stage in your E-Visa quest. Here, the selection of the visa category requires meticulous attention. Each category carries specific information criteria, making a prudent selection imperative.

3. Accurate Completion of Visa Application Form: The visa application form demands your utmost precision. A single misstep can result in visa rejection. Therefore, take your time to ensure every field is accurately filled. As part of this process, you are also required to upload your most recent applicant photograph, a significant component of your application.

saudi arabia visa for bangladesh

4. Inclusion of Mandatory Insurance Service: As part of Saudi Arabia’s visa requirements, securing an insurance service is mandatory. This safeguard ensures that travelers are adequately covered during their stay. The online portal offers a range of insurance categories to choose from, catering to different preferences and needs.

5. Financial Settlement and Application Submission: Upon selecting the insurance that aligns with your requirements, the subsequent step is the financial settlement. This encompasses the payment of visa fees, insurance charges, and application form costs. These payments can be conveniently made through Debit or Credit cards, streamlining the financial aspect of your application.

saudi arabia visa for bangladesh

6. Printing and Signing of Application Form: After completing the financial transaction, it’s time to generate a tangible record of your application. The application form should be printed in color, ensuring clarity of all information. A crucial final touch is the affixing of your signature, mirroring the details in your passport.


7. Document Submission at Visa Application Center: With your comprehensively prepared application form and other requisite documents, it’s time to visit the visa application center. Organize all necessary documents in advance, and if any of these documents are in Bangla, ensure their translation into English. This step demonstrates your commitment to a smooth application process.

8. Await for the Visa Decision and Notification: Once the relevant authorities review your application, you will receive an email notification regarding the visa decision. This correspondence provides clarity on the outcome of your E-Visa request. Once your application is approved, an E-Visa copy will also be sent to your email.


Please note that visa requirements, procedures, and fees can change over time. Therefore, I recommend contacting the nearest Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in Bangladesh or checking their official website for the most up-to-date information on Saudi Arabia visa requirements and application procedures. Additionally, consider consulting with a travel agency or visa service for assistance with the application process.


In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s introduction of E-Visa issuance for Bangladeshi citizens streamlines the travel process and fosters enhanced connectivity between the two nations. By adhering to the outlined steps, you can navigate the application process with confidence, ensuring a higher likelihood of a successful E-Visa approval. Today’s new post: Visit my website