services nidw gov bd Login Download NID Card 2024 –

services nidw gov bd Login in to download your 2024 NID card at Online application system for NID Card Download BD 2024. Check out your NID smart card online at 2024 at Online services for national identity cards are now completely available. Anyone can apply for a national ID card online using the Bangladesh Election Commission’s official website.

Through this website, anyone can easily download their NID or Smart Card. Bangladeshi citizens can also obtain the service of nid card correction online by paying the appropriate correction fee through mobile banking. As a result, Bangladeshis have a fantastic opportunity to download and check their NID cards online. This article will demonstrate how to download and check your NID card online using the official website qr code Bangladesh NID Application System, login,

services nidw gov bd Login Download NID Card 2024

We are discussing the online NID card download and verification process for Bangladesh’s new NID and smart card. The actual details are provided below. Please carefully read the instructions and verify the legal information on your NID card. At their local election commissioner’s office, everyone can find out the schedule and date for the distribution of smart cards. There are three methods for learning information. 2024: I hope you can access our website to print out your national ID card. If you carefully read our article, there is a 100% chance that you will be able to download or check your NID card online.

How To Download NID Card 2024 by Login?

Visit with this link to check your NID card or download your NID (voter ID). Then type the number from your voter ID card or voter slip form into the first cell. In cell 2, enter your birthdate and the captcha that will be displayed later. At the end of everything, search. You can check your voter identification card in this manner and set up an account to download your online NID card.

Go to this link and complete the form using the information below.

  • Write your NID number or form number.
  • Write date of birth without any mistake
  • Select the captcha code shown on the image and click the Submit Button.

On the second page: Select Address

Without selecting your correct address, you cannot claim an NID account. Choose your current and permanent address now. You simply need to choose your division, district, and upazila, making this a very simple task. Please be aware that requires you to choose both a current and a permanent address as the source for verifying your address.

On the third page: SMS Verification by NID Verification

Your previously provided mobile number will be displayed on this voter ID check page. You will receive a six-digit verification code in your mobile phone after clicking the Send SMS button. Click Continue after entering the 6-digit verification code.

Once you wait, the verification code will appear. Sometimes it might require several tries. There will be a resend button so you can get another verification code on your phone, so don’t worry.

Download the NID Card Check BD Wallet app


It’s fine if you have the NID Wallet app installed on your Android device. However, you can download and install the app from the Google Play Store if you don’t already have it. Please be aware that the NID Wallet app is not yet available for iPhone users to download or use. Open your app, then adhere to the steps in the NID Wallet application outline document.


We provide guidance on how to use a strong password to protect your account. Your mobile number can be used to receive instructions for resetting your information if you lose your password. You will have to go through the process again to regain access to your account if you don’t set a password.

So now on the 4th Page: Online NID Card download

You can save it on your login information on this page to use it later. Your account will be protected if you add a strong password that you can remember and use in the future. Even though adding a username is optional, you can still do so. Your NID number will be used as the username if you don’t add one. Avoid Password for Quick and Urgent by clicking Head over to the NID download page.

Last Few Words

We provided every detail of the online NID card download process. If you are still unable to download or check your NID card online, please leave a comment below, and we will assist you in doing so. We’ll respond as soon as we can. Please join our official Facebook group to receive updates and information about the services provided by Login NID Card Download BD 2024 Bangladesh. Today’s new post: Visit my website,