New Voter ID card Online Application Bangladesh (NID Registration System)

New Voter ID card Online Application Bangladesh. The National ID Card Online Registration link is currently active on our website. The Bangladesh Election Commission gives new citizens who are 18 years old a genuine opportunity to apply for a voter ID card or a national identification card. Check out the information on the New Voter ID Registration Process below.

New Voter Registration: The voter list is constantly being updated. If you are a citizen of Bangladesh, regularly lived in the area in question and turn 18 or older before January 1, 2023, but have not yet registered to vote, you may do so. Additionally, citizens born between January 2, 1997, and January 1, 2000 may register, but they are not considered eligible to vote until they turn 18 years old. When enrolling, you must present certain documents for Form 2, such as:

New Voter ID card (NID) Registration Online

The Elections Commission is currently engaged in a process to New Voter ID card Registration Online Bangladesh. Previously, voter ID card registration took place hand in hand. A few agents visited ID card holders’ homes and registered them for national ID cards. The majority of Bangladesh’s population was kept in check in this way, but some people were killed for various reasons. They have yet to sign up for the following year. However, holders of New Voter ID cards for 2022 can register online. Registration is subject to a few guidelines. for instance, the following:

  • Voter ID cards have to be Bangladeshi by birth.
  • Age should be 18 as on 1st January (Thursday) 2022.

NID Card Online Application System

There are some important documents which are needed for registration. They are given below:-

  • SSC certificate (Age verification certificate)
  • Birth certificate (Age verification certificate)
  • Passport/ Driver’s License/ TIN (Age verification certificate)
  • Photocopy of Utility bill / house rent receipt/ holding tax receipt (Citizenship verification certificate)
  • Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
  • Photocopy of father, mother, husband/wife ID card (if applicable)

New Voter ID card Registration Online process

Online voter registration can be properly handled. Keep in mind that you do not need to reapply online if you are an existing voter. You will suffer the consequences if you register again. Only individuals over the age of 18 and overseas or excluded voters may register online.


  • Please fill in the brand online Registration form step by step with valid information.
  • All information Fill in Bangla Language (Unicode) without your full name.
  • After completing all the form fill-up steps, please check again all your information.
  • Then create a PDF file to print and submit this file with the required documents to your closest Election office
  • Once you submit all the files then Election officers will verify your information and they will start process to create your Voter ID

The most recent voter identification card, also known as a national identification card (NID), is valid for 15 years and bears the names of the cardholders, their parents’ names, dates of birth, and unique ID numbers on one side and their addresses on the other.

National ID Card Online Registration

Apply onlineMigration to Voter Area:

People who have already registered to vote but need to change their voting district must fill out a migration form. The concerned Upazila/Thana Election Offices must receive these forms for verification. You are required to include a photocopy of the ID card with the migration form.

Deletion of Death Voter:

By completing Form 12, you must notify the appropriate Upazila/Thana Election Office that a voter has passed away in order to have their name removed from the list of voters who are registered.

Undistributed NID Card delivery:

Voters who have registered but have not yet received their NID cards can pick them up from the appropriate Upazila/Thana Election Office.


In conclusion, applying for a new voter ID card online involves several steps, including submission, verification, and receiving the card. It’s important to follow the specific instructions and guidelines provided by your local election commission or relevant authority, as procedures may vary from one place to another. Today’s new post: Visit my website

NID card Online Application System FAQ