Ithrive Slb Login

iThrive SLB Login is the Entrance to a streamlined and effective HR experience at SLB. Employees have easy access to a full range of self-service tools that enable them to manage their benefits, examine pay statements, and look into career development opportunities.

Employees can easily stay connected and informed thanks to the user-friendly interface’s seamless navigation.With the help of iThrive SLB Login, employees can take control of their work-life balance and general satisfaction with the company.

Ithrive Slb Login –

The integrated HR platform from Schlumberger, called iThrive, gives workers access to a variety of self-service tools. You can easily log in to iThrive SLB Login, giving you access to crucial data and resources that improve your work-life balance. iThrive provides a user-friendly interface to meet your needs, whether you need to manage your benefits, examine pay statements, or look into career development opportunities.

Schlumberger Resource Access

Visit the company’s official website at to access employee resources. This platform acts as a thorough hub, supplying important details about your benefits, retirement plans, and other issues. To keep up with the most recent news and announcements from Schlumberger’s human resources division, you can also visit

Getting in touch with HR – SLB:

At Schlumberger, it is crucial to guarantee effective communication between staff members and the HR division. Use the designated contact points made available through the established channels to get in touch with the human resources department. The HR team at Schlumberger is available to help you at any point in your journey, whether you have questions, need assistance, or want to address particular concerns.

Clarity: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – BACO

Schlumberger has created a thorough FAQ section to provide clarification and answer frequently asked questions. Benefits and Compensation Online, or BACO, is a resource for information on a variety of subjects relating to employee benefits, pay, and other things. To access this helpful tool and learn the answers to frequently asked questions, go to

Upon checking the Status of

You can easily check the status of to make sure that access is seamless and never interrupted. You can find out about any upcoming disruptions or planned maintenance activities by visiting the website. By taking a proactive approach, you can plan your activities in a way that minimizes any inconvenience.

Accounts with Alight Smart-Choice: Login:

Through a partnership with Alight, Schlumberger provides Smart-Choice Accounts to its staff, enhancing flexibility and convenience. You can easily manage your healthcare, dependent care, and transportation expenses by having access to these accounts through the Alight platform. To securely and conveniently access these accounts, go to the Alight login page iThrive SLB Login.

Savings and Profit-Sharing Plans:

Because Schlumberger values its employees’ financial security, it provides them with comprehensive savings and profit-sharing plans. You can secure your future and make wise financial decisions by taking part in these plans. Schlumberger offers helpful resources to assist you in navigating the world of personal finance, including 401(k) plans and other investment options.

Schlumberger’s SLB for Low-Carbon rebranding:

Schlumberger recently changed its name to SLB in keeping with its dedication to sustainability and halting climate change. This change reflects the company’s dedication to a greener future and its focus on low-carbon initiatives. SLB continues to make significant contributions to a more sustainable world by embracing renewable energy and putting green practices into practice. Vaas Montenegro

With years of experience and knowledge, Vaas Montenegro is a well-known expert in the oil and gas sector. Visit to find out more about Vaas Montenegro’s accomplishments, contributions, and professional development. Learn about the sector and be motivated by the achievements of leading professionals.

WPS Online Evaluation System requires account registration:

The WPS Online Evaluation System provides a quick way to create an account and an easy way to access evaluation tools and resources. To access the required tools for evaluation and assessment, you must first register for an account in the system. The registration procedure is described on the official website.

Children’s Commissioning Committee:

The dedication of Schlumberger to social responsibility and community involvement is something it is proud of. A program that supports initiatives devoted to the welfare and growth of children is called the Children’s Commissioning Committee. Employees can improve society and have a positive influence on young people’s lives by actively participating in this committee.


iThrive SLB Login, the new name for Schlumberger, continues to place a high priority on employee happiness and welfare. Schlumberger makes it simple and convenient to access important resources and manage your career through platforms like iThrive, login portals, and extensive employee benefits. You can succeed both personally and professionally within the organization by staying connected, utilizing the tools at your disposal, and exploring the variety of opportunities provided by iThrive SLB Login. Today’s new post: Visit my website

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