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eporcha.gov.bd E-Porcha Khatian Download – This official website offers access to e-Porcha gov bd Login, Check, Khatian, Application, and Map. You can get all these services from the official website of https://eporcha.gov.bd if you’d like to get e-porcha bangla, e porcha gov bd login, land gov bd e porcha gov bd map, online porcha check bd, eporcha gov bd khatian e porcha app, e-khatian, and online RS Khatian check BD. This article will demonstrate how simple it is to obtain these services via the E-Porcha website. Let’s begin, then:

eporcha.gov.bd E-Porcha Khatian Download

Because we can complete our various tasks or improve ourselves in our various tasks through the land office or ministry of land in daily life, this official website is very helpful to us. So, through today’s post, you can learn in depth details about the operations of the official E-Percha website.

Eporcha.gov.bd was just recently launched by the Ministry of Lands of Government. This is the official e-Porcha service website, where anyone can access information about ownership, deeds, and land records. Additionally, this website allows you to view your account or khatian, which includes CS, SA, RS, BS, and other services.

www eporcha gov bd

The website is used by the government to ensure that land-related projects are carried out correctly and in accordance with the laws that have been in place since the 1950 passage of the Tenancy and Land Act. In addition to having a website called Land Gov BD, the Ministry of Land also has a website called e-porcha, which we typically access at the land office or apply for online. Through this official website, we can quickly access the citizen corner, carry out necessary Khatian-related tasks, and look up documents.

Before learning about the E-Porcha official website, it is important to understand what Porcha is and how it is defined. the name of the landowner, the name of the owner’s father, the landmark number, the type of land, the extent of the land, the boundary, etc. i.e., based on all of this information, we can determine pertinent issues. Papers include land copies and deeds. There is now an option to obtain the certificate in accordance with these regulations and learn important information about any land through an online application.

eporcha gov bd Login

Using the official e-porcha.gov.bd website, we can easily collect any land-related documents at the moment. You can definitely apply online if you need this map or any other information. On the application form, you can request to receive this booklet by mail for a very small application fee. In this situation, you must go to the Mauza Map application website and submit all the information needed as a citizen to apply. Therefore, we have provided you with a detailed explanation of how to obtain the Mauza map through this post. Your mobile number and password must be entered on this website, eporcha.gov.bd, before you can log in.


Online RS Khatian Check BD

In today’s post, we will provide the correct guidelines for checking RS Khatian for those who wish to do so online. You must abide by certain guidelines in order to check RS Khatian online, and in this case, you must obtain your Khatian number beforehand. Due to the fact that you must enter a khatian number when using the khatian search option on the website or when using the citizen option. Because even if you know the department’s name or the neighborhood’s address when you enter the website and want to search for RS Khatian, many people might not be familiar with the RS Khatian number.

As a result, if you’re looking for RS Khatian land ownership, you can look up any kind of land ownership and, with the help of the Khatian number, learn where and how much land he owns in relation to each ownership. Furthermore, by calculating the amount of land in each location, you can quickly calculate the total land area of any deceased person.

Download RS Porcha Online eporcha.gov.bd

We have outlined the guidelines to follow when downloading RS papers above in this article. You will be able to perform significant land-related tasks in your day-to-day activities thanks to this article. You will also be aware of the advantages of visiting the official e-portcha website. Therefore, by downloading the RS form, you can quickly obtain a thorough understanding of the land associated with a specific boundary or plot number as well as a detailed list of the locations where the data was recorded in the government survey.

eporcha.gov.bd Khatian Application

If you’re applying for khatian online, go to the e-parcha website, which is the official application site. Considering that after visiting the website to download the form, you must then go to the application page. By going there, you can quickly apply by giving your address details and your plot number or seat number. Along with officially accepting these applications online, measures are being considered to quickly process each application. Therefore, you can easily complete your assignments or download RS papers online by adhering to the aforementioned guidelines.

You can access the official website and use the login you were given to carry out a number of time-related tasks. However, there is a feature called office login that requires an email address or username. In order to receive official benefits, you can also easily create an account by providing the password you established there. As a result, you have the choice to log in to the office using this official website and use it to your advantage. You don’t need to login separately or enter any special information for the various applications, though.

eporcha gov bd – khatian search

This is where you can find information about online papers. Additionally, we will provide information about an online e-trading application below. Many people are interested in using E-porcha after learning more about it. The online E-porcha application is the first thing that should be understood in this situation. This is due to the fact that many people are unaware of the application process; for them, we will say that the process is straightforward. which makes it very simple for you to complete the application process. Khatian’s application process, as described below, is how we will inform you about the application process.

How to Apply Online e-Porcha and Khatian Application?

Online searches of its rules for Khatian applications are being made by interested parties. Here, we’ll discuss some key details and guidelines for online Khatian applications. We’ll explain these guidelines to you right here. The first step in applying for Porcha and Khatian online is to log in to www.eporcha.gov.bd. It requires you to log in using specific information, such as when applying for a job online.

You will have successfully completed your account, i.e., password login, after providing these details accurately. The page that follows will then list different services. An option labeled “Khattian application” will be located above all other services. By selecting it, you can submit the necessary information to apply for Khatian. Hopefully, you have understood the situation; if not, you can read it again and apply for Khatian right away.

How to Check E-Porcha via online eporcha.gov.bd?

To learn about any Khatian online, we must be aware of the crucial details that you must disclose based on all the data that the Khatian will present to you. The process of verification is presented here because otherwise we would not be able to learn about land registration. In this instance, a brief explanation of how all the information will be displayed to you after you enter the necessary data on the website operated by the Ministry of Land is provided below.


  • First you need to visit at https://eporcha.gov.bd/khatian-search-panel
  • Category Selection: You have to select the category in which you live.
  • District Selection: Select the name of the district to which you belong.
  • Upazila Selection: Select the name of the district to which you belong.
  • Mouza Selection: Select your Mouza name.
  • Select Khatian Type: Select the type of Khatian you want to extract.
  • Khatian No: Select the land deed to be issued.
  • Spot Number: Select if the spot number is known.
  • Owner’s Name: Mention the owner’s name if mentioned.
  • Name of Father/Husband: If mentioned can be given.
  • Captcha Code: Select the captcha code given above and click on the search button.

eporcha gov bd – khatian search

  1. Visit first at https://eporcha.gov.bd/khatian-search-panel

Mouza Map PDF

It is possible to obtain a direct copy of the fun map upon request, but you can also obtain a PDF copy of it. According to the information above, you must visit the application page first when visiting this official website in order to submit an application for fun size. You must first choose your category name from the data offered there. Then you descend and choose your district initially.

Final Thoughts eporcha.gov.bd

With any luck, this article has helped you learn the truth about the relevant topic. To help you understand, we have made this matter fully transparent. We have made an effort to give you specific information about the problems surrounding this paper. We hope you will join the conversation again if you have any issues understanding the topic or if you have any queries about any particular topic. You can converse with us about the things you want to know while also learning more about this subject. Today’s new post: Visit my website viralonlinenews24.com