E Passport Check Online – www.epassport.gov.bd Check Online Application Status

Visit www.epassport.gov.bd to E Passport Check Online. Check out the status of your online E-Passport application here. This article will explain how to quickly check your e-passport using your online application’s Application ID or Online Registration ID number (OID). Checking the status of an application is very easy. In order to check the status of your e-Passport application, you should carefully read this article. Let’s investigate:

The computerization of fundamental services has emerged as a key component of contemporary governance in a society that is becoming more interconnected. Not only has the introduction of online passport checks revolutionized how people travel, but it has also greatly improved security measures. The ePassport check system used by the government of Bangladesh through the website www.epassport.gov.bd is one notable instance. The passport verification process has been changed by this online system, making it more convenient, effective, and secure for both travelers and authorities.

E Passport Check Online – www.epassport.gov.bd Check Online Application Status

If you have applied for a passport replacement or new passport. To find out if the passport has been delivered or when it will be, check online. Checking of e-passports is described in this article. I can check the status of your applied e-passport here. You will require either your application ID or your online registration ID (OID) for this. You can check the status of your passport online.

Where to get Online Registration Number (OID) and Application ID?

You will receive your Online Registration ID, or OID, from the Application Summary page after submitting your e-passport application online. Additionally, the Delivery Slip you obtained from the Passport Office will reveal the Application ID, while the Registration Form will reveal the OID.

How to Check E-Passport Online www.epassport.gov.bd?

Enter your Application ID (for example, 4000-100000000) from the Delivery Slip you received from the Passport Office or your Online Registration ID (OID) from your online application (for example, OID1000001234) to find out the status of your application. The process is described below:

  • To check ePassport, first visit www.epassport.gov.bd site.
  • Then click on the Check Status menu, enter Online Registration ID or Application ID and date of birth.
  • Complete the captcha by ticking I am human.
  • Finally, you can check your passport application status by clicking on the Check button.

How to Check Passport with delivery slip?

Search for the 13-digit Application ID number in the top right corner of the Delivery Slip in order to check your passport with it. Following that, access the Check Status menu on the www.epassport.gov.bd website and enter the Application ID and birthdate. By completing the Captcha and clicking the Check button, you can finally check the passport.

How to Check E-Passport with Passport number

The ability to check a passport using its number does not exist. However, you can check your passport using the passport number if BMET registration was completed with it.

E-Passport Initiative

The Bangladeshi government’s commitment to using technology for the benefit of its citizens is demonstrated by the ePassport initiative it launched. The difficulties of conventional passport checks can be overcome with the help of the e-Passport system. With the convenience of their own homes or offices, travelers can use this digital platform to access crucial passport data, check the status of their passports, and speed up the immigration process.

Key Features and Benefits of E-Passport

A number of crucial features and advantages provided by the ePassport check system on www.epassport.gov.bd have revolutionized the passport verification procedure:

  1. Convenience: The online ePassport check’s convenience is one of its most important benefits. Due to routine verification procedures, travelers are no longer required to visit actual passport offices or wait in long lines. They can easily do so from any location with an internet connection by using the ePassport portal.
  2. Efficiency: Manual checks and paperwork that were a common part of the old-school passport verification process could cause delays and mistakes. By giving real-time access to passport information, the online system eliminates these inefficiencies. Travelers can better plan their journeys thanks to the shortened processing time.
  3. Transparency: Transparency is encouraged by the ePassport check system by giving users direct access to their passport data. Transparency fosters a sense of cooperation and shared responsibility between citizens and government authorities.
  4. Security: When it comes to passport verification, security is of the utmost importance. To protect sensitive data, the ePassport system uses cutting-edge encryption and authentication protocols. This lowers the possibility of fraud and identity theft.
  5. Cost Savings: The electronic ePassport check system can result in cost savings from both the government’s and citizens’ perspectives. Operational cost reductions may result from a decrease in the amount of manual paperwork and the corresponding administrative burden. Additionally, citizens can avoid wasting time and money traveling to passport offices as well.

How the System Works

The user-friendly interface of the e-Passport check system on www.epassport.gov.bd makes it easy to use. Passengers can log on to the platform using their individual passport number and birthdate. They can check the status, expiration date, and any other pertinent information after logging in. The system also offers updates on the passport renewal or new passport application procedures. The control over their travel documents is given to citizens by this digital accessibility.


Technology has the potential to improve administrative procedures and citizen services, as demonstrated by the e-Passport check system on ePassport.gov.bd. This digital initiative has had a positive effect on how Bangladeshi citizens travel by providing convenience, efficiency, transparency, security, and cost savings. The ePassport system is a notable illustration of how technological advancements can close the gap between citizens and authorities as governments around the world continue to look for novel ways to streamline services.  Today’s new post: Visit my website viralonlinenews24.com