65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Nice 65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings for your child’s son and hard names are great. Tyson, Blade, Bear, Khabib, Axel and Jane. These names are rough and tight and open enough to make your baby stand out.

When we first know that we have a kid’s son, my husband was mad at the same time for us to choose the names of a few tight boys. It was so difficult to decide because they were all so beautiful.

65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

I never thought 65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings were heard so many beautiful ears with money and tough baby names. If you are looking for a hard name for your child because I have prepared about a hundred Badass baby names for boys. I have also included money and their sources to make your decision easier.

65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

A 65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings people mean to the world that he is very good. A rested child will be known not only in school, but also in later life as he grows up.

A fantastic name that fits her growing bad personality will enhance her style factor wherever she goes. An intelligent child needs a notoriety to enter the world.

Cool Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

A bad name for your little boy guarantees that he will never be considered an annoying, obedient person. People around us first create an image of ourselves in our name.

65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings


A notoriety guarantees that the boy is strong at school, college or work. Although many parents thought that slander was harsh, in modern times, parents have changed their minds, naming their sons after sparks, steel-stones, indicating their sons’ strong personalities.

To find out the names of some naughty boys, check out the list below to choose a bad name for your little boy.
Alpha“Alpha” is a bad male name, meaning “first”. The name refers to the leader of a gang or group.
ApolloApollo is a macho badass name from German origin. The name of Uncle of Tristan means ‘destroyer’.
ArloThis name meaning ‘fortified hill’ is the perfect unique name for a boy. The name implies a strong personality.
BaldwynBaldwyn is one of the unique names. The name with German origin means ‘brave friend.
BladeSounds like badass, blade, macho for boys, but it’s a little scary. The name associated with the superhero refers to inflexibility and determination.
BlazeBlaze is one of the most badass boy names.  The name with English origin means ‘stutters’ and implies a fiery personality.
BorisBoris is an old Russian name that is now becoming popular in Europe and the US. The name means ‘to fight’.
BryantThis Celtic origin name means ‘strong’. The name suggests a strong, badass personality.
BusterOne of the most common badass names, Buster is derived from ‘to bust’ and implies a person who busts things.
CarlosCarlos is a badass name meaning ‘strong’.
ChanceThis badass name for males means ‘good fortune’.
ChasinChasin is a Hebrew origin meaning ‘strong’.
CohenCohen is a badass name with an opposing meaning. The name means ‘priest’.
ColtThis English origin name Colt means ‘from the dark town or unknown owner of the property’.
DamonDamon is the edgier variation of Damian. This badass name implies stoic strength. The name Damon, from classical mythology, was the symbol of true friendship.
DarbyDarby is one of the hardcore badass boys’ names. Darby, meaning ‘deer town’ has been the name of the frontman of a famous punk rock band ‘the Gems’.
DonovanDonovan is Celtic origin name meaning ‘strong fighter’.
DeanThe badass name honoring James Dean, is perfect as the first name of a tough boy. The name meaning ‘having lived near a valley’ conjures an image of a young boy riding a motorcycle at night.
DieselDiesel is a neo-macho badass name that is a type for fuel. The name is a German origin surname which is derived from Mathias or Mattew.
DustinDustin is an English origin name meaning ‘valiant’.
FaustThis is an Italian origin name meaning ‘lucky’.
FarrellFarrell is a Celtic name meaning ‘brave’.
FelixThis is a Latin badass name meaning ‘lucky’.
FrederikFrederik is a German origin badass name means ‘Leader’.
FlynnFlynn is an Irish origin name meaning ‘son of a red-haired man’.
GriffinThis Welsh origin badass name means ‘strong in faith’.
HarleyHarley meaning ‘hare’s meadow’ is associated with the macho image of Harley Davidson.
HardwinHardwin meaning ‘brave friend’ is an English origin badass name.
HuntleyHuntley means ‘from the hunter’s meadow’ implies a macho personality.
JaggerJagger is a unique badass name meaning ‘hawker of goods’.
JesseJesse meaning ‘wealthy’ is a badass name for boys.
KaiserThis badass males name means ’emperor’.
KemenKemen meaning ‘strong’ is a Spanish origin male name.
KingKing is a popular badass male name meaning ‘tribal leader’.
KnoxKnox means ‘from the hills’ is a strong name.
LennoxThis badass male name means ‘abounding in elm trees’.
LeoLeo is a common male name meaning ‘lion’.
MaddoxMaddox is an out and out badass name. Maddox meaning ‘beneficent or fortunate’ was an obscure Welsh family name, now this moniker has come to the mainstream as the first name.
MarceloThis Italian origin name is derived from Marcellus meaning ‘hammer’.
MasonMason is an English origin name meaning ‘worker in stone’.
NeronAs most of the badass names, Neron of Spanish-origin means ‘strong’.
PhoenixPhoenix meaning ‘mystical bird’ implies rising from the dust.
RyderRyder is a British origin name meaning ‘cavalryman’, ‘messenger’, ‘knight’. The super badass name sounds like it should be the name of some race car driver.
RangerRanger, rhyming with Danger is an occupational male name meaning ‘forest guardian’. The name implies a dangerous job of protecting the wild with a western, cowboyish feel.
SteeleSteele is a macho name meaning ‘hard’, ‘durable’.
StrikerStriker is an English origin name with a macho and aggressive image.
TalonThis French origin name means ‘large claw of a bird of prey’.
ThorThor is associated with God of Thunder and implies a macho and strong personality.
TysonTyson meaning ‘son of Tye’ is a popular badass name.
ZaneZane is the quirky and edgy version of the classic name John. This Hebrew origin name for John means ‘Gift from God’.

Badass Nicknames For Baby Boys with Meanings

Unusual nicknames for boys are a way for parents to recognize their young son’s naughty and adventurous personality. Choosing a bad nickname guarantees that their little boy is considered a strong macho person.

65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Here are some delightful names for you to choose from:

AceAce is one of the bad guys – it’s very positive, like any test. The name means “one”, the Latin origin of “unity”.
AjaxAjax is Greek origin name meaning ‘eagle’.
AxelAxel is a bad nickname of Scandinavian-German descent. The name, which means “Father of Peace”, contradicts his image, but the fierce name sounds pretty good.
BuckBuck is a popular male nickname meaning ‘male deer’.
BusterBuster is an old-fashioned belligerent nickname.
DaggerDagger is a new badass boy’s nickname. The name of English origin implies a sharp and edgy personality.
DashDash is a popular badass nickname for males. The name implies a dashing person.
FlashThe name is associated with the superhero Flash Gordon. This nasty nickname is perfect for modern parents looking for an active boy nickname.
JaxJax is the boy’s nickname and Jackson or Jackson abruptly. The name implied by Jack’s son means “God c
HuntHunt is the badass diminutive of Hunter meaning ‘the one who hunts’. The English origin name combines the macho imagery with soft masculinity.
MaxMax is a popular nickname of Latin origin meaning ‘greatest’.
NeoNeo is a neo badass nickname. The name got popular from Keanu Reeves’ character in “The Matrix”.
RoccoRocco, meaning “rock”, is a solid name, like stone. This name of Italian descent is a perfect bad nickname for any boy.
WildWild is the perfect badass male name implying asking for trouble or causing trouble.
ZekeZeke is an English origin name is abbreviation of Hebrew name Ezekiel meaning ‘God strengthen’.

Modern parents want their little ones to break the pattern of sweet and compelling images. The best way to do this is to discredit them. A notoriety does not mean that a boy or a man is bad, it simply tells the world that a person is adventurous. The name suits his active and hypocritical personality, forcing him to be accepted by the society with their reverence and respect.

Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings

This is a long list of 65 Badass Baby Boy Names with Meanings. This is something unique name for your baby boy. Each name has a beautiful meaning, so go ahead and choose a name for your child. Whatever you do with your child, that name will stay with him forever, so make a wise decision.


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