100 Judaism Baby Girl Names

100 Judaism Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Today new post According to the 100 Judaism Baby Girl Names Scriptures, human names can be named according to their circumstances. More often than not, these names are biblical sources from 100 Judaism Baby Girl Names.

But this list includes the names of the highest people as well as originality and words. Those are just as tragic and special as their daughter. We have the names and meanings of hundreds of top 100 Judaism Baby Girl Names. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Which woman calls the Hebrew method amazing?

The Jewish nickname is part of the names of hundreds of 100 Judaism Baby Girl Names. We have listed the names of famous Judaism in this list. Judaism names, including Bible, Talmudic, and Post-Talmudic. A Judaism mother and father chose the names of their daughters and young men after the names of their loved ones.

At the time of circumcision the Jewish child is called. And women are named according to the traditional custom, at the same time the Torah is recited at the time of her birth.

You can find more lists of baby names for women on our website. There is a complete list of names of Indonesian women, names of Pakistani women.

100 Judaism Baby Girl Names

The list includes the top names of hundreds of top 100 Judaism baby girl names, including Hannah and Elizabeth. These names include Abigail, Anna, Eliana, Eve, Leah, Maya, Naomi, and Sarah. Famous Israeli women are named after Tamar, especially among the Jewish Israelites – Nova, Shera and Talia.

100 Judaism Girl Names That Mean Gift From God

Think of a call from your daughters that could be a gift from God to you. Choose your daughter’s call from startling Hebrew names or Judaism baby girl names. Since these names are in God, they have an amazing meaning.

  • Anya (Greek and Hebrew origin) means ‘Jehovah’s cloud’.
  • Dalia (Arabic, Hebrew origin) ‘ flower, branch, gift’.
  • Dodie (Hebrew origin) means ‘gift of God, well-loved gift’.
  • Iva (Slavic and Hebrew origin) means ‘gift from God.’
  • Janina (Hebrew origin) means ‘gift from God.’
  • Janis (Hebrew origin) means ‘ God Yewaha is gracious’.
  • Joka (Hebrew origin) means ‘gift from God’.
  • Joyce (Latin origin) means ‘belonging to God’.
  • Mati (Hebrew origin) means ‘gift of God Yahweh’.
  • Micah (Hebrew origin) means ‘one who resembles God.’
  • Shai (Hebrew origin) means ‘gift, beautiful’.
  • Yana (Hebrew origin) means ‘God gifted, he answers.’

Cute Hebrew Girl Names

100 Judaism Baby Girl Names

The Jewish Hebrew name does not have to be historical. Girls’ names should also be beautiful and unique. We will share the meaning of your favorite name in this list.

  • Alya (Hebrew, Turkish origin) means ‘oak tree.’
  • Avea (Hebrew origin) means ‘birdlike.’
  • Aviva (Hebrew origin) means ‘spring-like’.
  • Abby (Hebrew origin) means ‘my father rejoices.’
  • Adah (Hebrew origin) means ‘adornment.’
  • Adalia (Hebrew and Old German origin) means ‘Noble one.’
  • Adalyn (Hebrew origin) means ‘serene.’
  • Adara (Hebrew and Arabic origin) means ‘beauty.’
  • Aphra (Hebrew origin) means ‘dust.’
  • Asa (Hebrew origin) means ‘healer.’
  • Bathsheba (Hebrew origin) means ‘daughter of an oath.’
  • Bethany (Greek origin) means ‘house of figs’.
  • Daliah (Hebrew and Arabic origin) means ‘gentle.’
  • Deborah (Hebrew origin) means ‘a swarm of bees’.
  • Elsa (Biblical originmeans ‘God is my oath’.

Joyful Hebrew Girl Names

The name means happiness. For your little fun, share a great set of names. From which you can choose a specific name. Choose beautiful names for your loved ones. Which will match her beauty.

  • Abiah (Hebrew origin) means ‘my father rejoices’.
  • Aby (Hebrew origin) means ‘true, father’s joy’. Diminutive of Abigale.
  • Aleeza (Hebrew origin) means ‘joy.’
  • Diza (Hebrew origin) means ‘joyous’.
  • Gahl (Hebrew origin) means ‘joy of my father’.
  • Gayle (Hebrew origin) means ‘cheerful, joyful, lively’.
  • Geela (Hebrew origin) means ‘eternal joy’.
  • Ghila (Hebrew origin) means  joy of the lord’.
  • Gilal (Hebrew origin) means “eternal joy”.
  • Hadah (Hebrew origin) means ‘she who radiates joy.’
  • Hadassas (Hebrew origin) means ‘myrtle tree.’
  • Hagia (Hebrew origin) means ‘to fly swiftly, bird, festive, joyful’.
  • Hagit (Hebrew origin) means ‘festive, joyful’.

Hebrew Girl Names Meaning Light

100 Judaism Baby Girl Names

We cannot dim a rift that shines from within. This is how to choose a name for your fairy that means light. And because of its name. It brings happiness to people’s lives.

  • Eliora (Hebrew origin) means ‘my God is my light.’
  • Gayora (Hebrew origin) means ‘valley of light.’
  • Liora (Hebrew origin) means ‘my light.’
  • Neri (Hebrew origin) means ‘Burning light.’
  • Neriah (Hebrew origin) means ‘light of Jehovah.’
  • Neriyah (Hebrew origin) means ‘light of Jehovah.’
  • Nuria (Hebrew origin) means ‘Lord’s light.’
  • Ora (Hebrew origin) means ‘light.’
  • Orit (Hebrew origin) means ‘light.’
  • Orli (Hebrew origin) means ‘light.’
  • Orlie (Hebrew origin) means ‘light for me’.
  • Yeir (Hebrew origin) means ‘light.’

Girl Names That Mean Beautiful In Hebrew

Beauty comes from within a person and to be beautiful means to have a good heart and soul. Because they show the beauty of a person on the outside. That is why you should name your girl after a beautiful rag. Who would put the moon in her beauty?

  • Na’ava (Hebrew origin) means ‘beautiful’.
  • Noya (Hebrew origin) means ‘divine beauty.
  • Raanana (Hebrew origin) means ‘fresh, luscious, beautiful.’
  • Tifara (Hebrew origin) means ‘God’s appearance, beautiful’.
  • Tiferet (Hebrew origin) means ‘beautiful’.
  • Yaffa (Hebrew origin) means ‘beautiful’.
  • Yafit (Hebrew origin) means ‘worthy or beautiful.’

Popular Hebrew Girl Names

Surprisingly, Hebrew or Jewish girls’ names are the most popular and Famous. It didn’t even make sense. That the most popular girls names can come from the Hebrew language. You can choose these names for your daughters.

  • Abarrane (Hebrew origin) means ‘father of many.’
  • Abigale (Hebrew origin) means ‘father’s joy’.
  • Abilene (Hebrew origin) means ‘land of meadows’.
  • Aneta (Hebrew origin) means ‘grace’.
  • Anna (Latin origin) means ‘grace’. Latin form of Hebrew name Hannah.
  • Asahel (Hebrew origin) means ‘made by God, happy’.
  • Efa (Hebrew origin) means ‘alive’.
  • Eva (Hebrew origin) means ‘giver of life.’
  • Evike (Hebrew origin) means ‘life’.
  • Gevira means ‘lady’ or ‘queen.’ 
  • Isabella (Italian origin) means ‘consecrated or pledged to God’

Hebrew Girl Names Inspired by Nature

It is very possible to name a child. When are you thinking of naming your baby? And consider the meaning of the names. In addition to the meaning of this name, you can also find beautiful and unusual names in the list.

  •  Adamina (Hebrew origin) means ‘child of the red Earth’.
  •  Eden (Hebrew origin) means ‘delight or place of pleasure’.
  • Jael (Hebrew origin) means ‘Ivex-mountain goat’.
  • Jemima (Hebrew origin) means ‘little dove’. Jemima was the oldest of the three beautiful daughters of Job.
  • Lilac (Hebrew origin) means ‘flower’.
  •  Nizana (Hebrew origin) means ‘flower bud’.
  •  Orpah (Hebrew origin) means ‘fawn’.
  • Tahlia (Greek, Hebrew origin) means ‘to blossom, dew from god’.
  •  Talora (Hebrew origin) means ‘morning’s dew’.
  • Viva (Hebrew origin) means ‘long life’.

Hebrew Girl Names With Holy Meanings

A name that will be used for your daughters all their lives. Please choose a name that is holy and pure. What Hebrew girl name means strong?

  • Abijah (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my father.’
  • Alyssa (Hebrew origin) means ‘oath of God/ satisfaction of God.’
  • Amariah (Hebrew origin) means ‘said of God.’
  • Anika (Hebrew origin) means ‘grace’.
  • Atalia (Hebrew origin) means ‘Yahweh is exalted.’
  • Azaria (Hebrew origin) means ‘helped by God.’
  • Azariah (Hebrew origin) means ‘God has helped.’
  • Bessie (Hebrew origin) means ‘pledged to God.’
  • Betsy (Hebrew origin) means ‘pledged to God’
  • Betty (Hebrew origin) means ‘Pledged to God.’
  • Briella (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my strength.’
  • Brielle (Hebrew origin) means ‘God’s heroine.’
  • Chana (Hebrew origin) means ‘favor’ – this is the Biblical name for Hannah, the mother of Prophet Samuel.
  • Dana (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my judge.’
  • Danielle (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my judge.’
  • Danya (Hebrew origin) means ‘judgment of God.’
  • Datyah (Hebrew origin) means ‘belief in God.’
  • Eliana (Hebrew origin) means ‘my God has answered.’
  • Elisabeth (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my oath.’
  • Elise (Hebrew origin) means ‘God’s Promise.’
  • Elisha (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my salvation.’
  • Elisheva (Hebrew origin) means ‘my God is my oath.’
  • Eliska (Hebrew origin) means ‘pledged to God.
  • Eliya (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my Lord.’
  • Eliza (Hebrew origin) means ‘Pledged to God.’
  • Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) means ‘Pledged to God.’
  • Elliana (Hebrew origin) means ‘my God has answered.’
  • Elyse (Hebrew origin) means ‘God’s promise.’
  • Elysia (Hebrew origin) means ‘God’s Oath.’
  • Erelah (Hebrew origin) means ‘Holy messenger/ angel’.
  • Ezra (Hebrew origin) means ‘God helps.’
  • Gabi (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is my strength.’
  • Gavi (Hebrew origin) means ‘Heroine of God.’
  • Jaden (Hebrew origin) means ‘God has heard.’
  • Jaliyah (Hebrew origin) means ‘God is gracious.’
  • Joella (Hebrew origin) means ‘Jehovah is God.’

Hebrew Girl Names With Unique Meanings

For girls, we have already chosen some special, unique names for Hebrew and Jewish baby girls names. Because choosing a girl’s name is very important. But at the same time, you will find a good and admirable name in this list.

  • Aliza (Hebrew origin) means ‘joyful’.
  • Atarah (Hebrew origin) means ‘crown’.
  • Galia (Hebrew origin) means ‘wave’.
  • Golda (Hebrew origin) means ‘gold’.
  • Haviva (Hebrew origin) means ‘well-loved’.
  • Levana (Hebrew origin) means ‘white or moon’.
  • Libi (Hebrew origin) means ‘heart’.
  • Livna (Hebrew origin) means ‘white’.
  • Nagida (Hebrew origin) means ‘wealthy’.
  • Nava (Hebrew origin) means ‘beautiful’.
  • Ora (Hebrew origin) means ‘light’.
  • Penina (Hebrew origin) means ‘pearl or precious stone’.
  • Raz (Hebrew origin) means ‘secret’.
  • Rina (Hebrew origin) means ‘singing, joy’.
  • Romi (Hebrew origin) means ‘my exaltation, my height’.
  • Sadie (Hebrew origin)means ‘noblewoman, Lady, princess’.
  • Shamira (Hebrew origin) means ‘protector or guardian’.

Hebrew Girl Names With Unusual Meanings

100 Judaism Baby Girl Names

We can’t fade a crack that burns from the inside out. Here’s how to choose a name for your fairy that means light. And because of his name. That

  • Alma (Hebrew origin) means ‘young woman.’
  • Amalia (Hebrew origin) means ‘work.’
  • Amari (Hebrew origin) means ‘eternal.’
  • Ana (Hebrew origin) means ‘favored.’
  • Anais (Hebrew origin) means ‘Grace.’
  • Anne (Hebrew origin) means ‘Grace.’
  • Aya (Hebrew origin) means ‘colorful.’
  • Dafna (Greek and Hebrew origin) means ‘laurel’.
  • Dar (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘nacre’ – this name is gender-neutral.
  • Elula (Hebrew origin) means ‘August’.
  • Hulda (Hebrew origin) means ‘weasel or mole’.
  • Inbar (Hebrew origin) means ‘amber’.
  • James (Hebrew origin) means ‘replacer.’
  • Jamie (Hebrew origin) means ‘one who supplants.’
  • Kezia (Hebrew origin) means ‘tree bark’ – in the Bible, Kezia was
  • the second daughter of Job.


Judaism Baby Girl Names with Meanings

This is a long list of 100 Judaism Baby Girl names with Meanings. This is something unique name for your baby girl. Each name has a beautiful meaning, so go ahead and choose a name for your child. Whatever you do with your child, that name will stay with him forever, so make a wise decision.


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These letter 100 Judaism Baby Girl names have beautiful meanings for the girls we have chosen for them – the most popular. Give your little girl the first pride of her life by choosing from the various options presented here, which is her name.

You will know so much from this list. The unique names on this list will suit your child. 100 Judaism Baby Girl Names with Meanings have beautiful. These names open up new avenues for positivity and success in your child’s life. If you are looking for a short or short word name, this list has the best selection. We hope you find this list helpful. Thank you!

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